East Warwickshire Centre

Committee Nominations 2020/21 

Nominations to be received by 10am on Saturday 26th September 2020

The MINIMUM requirement * for the Centre to be recognised by the Caravan & Motorhome Club, is 5 Committee Members, which MUST include the Officers of Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer plus 2 others (CAMC Centre Rules, para 2 on page 687 of the CAMC Handbook).   However, for the Centre to function fully it needs as full a Committee as possible to cover all the necessary duties.      A Quorum for any meeting of the Committee is 4.


At this point there are insufficient nominations to form a Committee.

  Last updated :  23rd August 2020







Chairman *

 No Nominations









Vice Chairman

 No Nominations









Secretary *

 No Nominations









Treasurer *

 No Nominations









Rally Secretary

 No Nominations









Committee (7)










 No Nominations