Nigel Hurst


 Marianne Griffiths posted this on the 2nd June about Nigel and Trisha has allowed the report on the club website.


Whilst we were away last week at Kantankye we heard the sad news that Nigel Hurst had passed away. I spoke with Trisha last night & she confirmed this. Nigel was a valued member of the centre for many years. Nigel was 70 last December. He had been diagnosed with cancer & was having chemo. Nigel passed away in hospital on 27th February. May he rest in peace . Trisha did not want to publicise this on Facebook but was ok with me posting on EWCC page.


Comments received.

          Zara Castle Oh dear. Sorry to hear this. Rip nigel x


Mary Shepherd OMG so shocked. Just as they had got their lives sorted with their dreams too. Big loss to the centre. Did loads for the skeggy scout site

                        Marianne Griffiths Mary Shepherd absolutely so sad


Jackie Greene Such terrible news - lots of funny memories of Nigel xx sending lots of love to Trisha and the family xxx


            Lindsay Penny Shocked to hear this RIP nigel x


            Steve Dane Very sorry to hear this.


            Rob Penny Shocked and saddened. Nigel was one of the best.


Maria Tychanskyj Smith We are so shocked to read this news. Poor Trish. Hope she is OK.

Marianne Griffiths Maria Tychanskyj Smith Trisha is having up & down days but she has good friends/family around her.


            Jane Burgoine Shocked to hear this. A sad loss. RIP in Nigel.


            Mick Greene Shocking news, had such fun with him at Kantanke. RIP


            Marion Briggs Rest in peace Nigel. My thoughts are with Trish.


Sarah Tomlinson NeeScott Such sad news our thoughts are with you Trish xx